August, 2019

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Ons21Aug18:1019:40Kurset er overAdvanced Yoga - Drop in - Wednesday at 18.10-19.40 - Fall 201918:10 - 19:40 Majorstuen - Studio 64

Kurs detaljer

Teacher Brigitta

From 21.08.19-18.12.19**

We offer our most experienced practitioners a class where we focus on more subtle
techniques and advanced positions, than on the other classes. This class is
taught by Brigitta. She has more than 40 years experience
as a yoga teacher, so you are definitely in for a treat!
To benefit fully from the instructions, you must have practiced Iyengar Yoga previously.
You need to be familiar with the teaching method and the detailed instructions that we use.
In addition you must be able to do the headstand (this includes adapted variants of
headstand, with or without props).
If you have followed this class for a while, we recommend that you continue to do so.
This is an interesting and challenging class with great spirits, lots of humor and
demanding teaching.

We give 20% student or senior discount *: Use the code «student» or «honnør» as a discount code in the shopping cart.
NB! Valid student or senior citizen certificate must be presented the first class you attend, and on request.
* The discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

**NB! No classes on public holidays and the week before and easter weekend.



(Onsdag) 18:10 - 19:40


Majorstuen - Studio 64

Kirkeveien 64

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